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Mankato Swing

UWEC Forensics travelled to Mankato this last weekend to attend the Mankato Swing Tournament hosted by MSU-Mankato and Southwest Minnesota State University on the Mankato Campus.  This fun fall tournament hosts many of the programs in this area of the country and offers many collaborative awards not given at some regular season tournament.  Because of the small entry, we did not bring home a Team Sweepstakes trophy based on entries, but instead won 1st place in Limited Entry Sweepstakes (best of the small entries). 

Our own Tennisha Sonsalla was voted Best Dressed for the weekend and Heidi Feyereisen Top Judge at her very first tournament as a judge. Here are the specific results.


Saturday-October 15th -Larry Schnoor Invitational (Hosted by MSU-Mankato)

Extemporaneous Speaking—4th place- Mitchell Krisnik 

Informative Speaking—5th place—Tennisha Sonsalla 

Prose Interpretation—5th place—Maddy Hinze 

Prose Interpretation—2nd place—Sydney Tupy (quals for NFA)


Sunday-October 16th—Mustang Stampede (Hosted by Southwest Minnesota State University)

Extemporaneous Speaking—6th place- Colin Pitman

Dramatic Interpretation—4th place—Sydney Tupy

Informative Speaking—3rd -place—Maddy Hinze

Informative Speaking—1st place—Tennisha Sonsalla (quals for AFA)

Prose Interpretation—7th place—Lauren Brooks  (quals for NFA)

Prose Interpretation—6th place—Sydney Tupy


1st Place-Limited Entry Sweepstakes—UWEC