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MAFL 7 and 8 Success

 UWEC travelled to the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, IL to compete at MAFL #7 and #8 on Saturday/Sunday (February 23 and 24).  We brought back some trophies, including the 4th place team sweepstakes on Saturday and 5th place team sweepstakes on Sunday.  Here are the specific results:


Saturday- MAFL #7

After-Dinner Speaking -1st Place—Dana Athmann (sophomore)

Dramatic Interpretation—6th Place—Meghan Neu (sophomore)

Dramatic Interpretation—5th Place—Colin Pitman (senior (quals for NFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—3rd Place—Maddy Hinze (senior)

Prose Interpretation—4th Place—Elder Romero (first year)

Poetry Interpretation—6th Place—Lexi Fischer (first year)

Extemporaneous Speaking—5th Place—Caleb Webb (senior)


Team Sweepstakes—4th place


Sunday-MAFL #8

Poetry Interpretation—6th Place—Lexi Fischer

Dramatic Interpretation—5th Place—Lexi Fischer

Dramatic Interpretation—4th Place—Elder Romero (Quals for NFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—1st Place—Colin Pitman

After-Dinner Speaking—4th Place—Colin Pitman

After-Dinner Speaking—1st Place—Dana Athmann (Quals for AFA)


Team Sweepstakes—5th place