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MAFL 3 and 4


We took a small quad to Whitewater and competed in MAFL 3 and MAFL 4 on Saturday/Sunday October 26-27, 2019

Here are the results from that tournament:

MAFL 3-Saturday

Extemporaneous Speaking-2nd Place - Senior Sara Anderson (quals for NFA)

Persuasive Speaking- 3rd place Senior Jacob Nieman (quals for NFA)

Prose Interpretation- 3rd place 1st Year Roshan Karki

Dramatic Interpretation - 2nd place Roshan Karki (quals for NFA)

Informative Speaking - 5th place Senior Desiree Stafford

Informative Speaking - 2nd place Senior Jacob Nieman (quals for NFA)

Team Sweepstakes- 6th place



MAFL #4-Sunday

Extemporaneous Speaking - 5th place Sara Anderson

Informative Speaking -3rd place Desiree Stafford (quals for NFA)

Informative Speaking - 2nd place Jacob Nieman

Impromptu Speaking - 4th place Sara Anderson

Prose Interpretation - 5th place Roshan Karki

Dramatic Interpretation- 1st place Roshan Karki

Persuasive Speaking - 1st place Elder Romero (quals for NFA)

Team Sweepstakes - 4th place