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MAFL 1 and 2

UWEC Forensics traveled this weekend-September 24-25, 2016 to the Mid America Forensics League (MAFL) Tournaments 1 and 2 held on the MSU-Mankato Campus with a small squad of 10 slots.  The team took 6th place on Day one and 4th place in team sweepstakes on day two.

It was nice to be travelling again, but this year with a very young team.  Here are the specific results:

MAFL 1-September 24

Extemporaneous Speaking—5th place—Colin Pitman 

Extemporaneous Speaking—6th place—Mitchell Krisnik 

Dramatic Interpretation—5th place—Sydney Tupy

Informative Speaking—5th place—Maddy Hinze 

Team-6th place


MAFL 2-Septemper 25

Persuasive Speaking—2nd place—Taylor Turben

Extemporaneous Speaking—6th place—Mitchell Krisnik

Dramatic Interpretation—3rd place—Sydney Tupy

Poetry Interpretation—6th place—Sydney Tupy 

Informative Speaking—5th place—Colin Pitman 

Team—4th place