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Forensics takes state champion title

The UWEC Forensics Team travelled to UW-Whitewater on Friday and Saturday (2/19-20/16) to compete at the 2016 Wisconsin Collegiate Forensics State Tournament. UWEC Forensics has been the reigning state champions for the past 31 years and set the goal of bringing home the 32nd championship trophy. We met our goal and brought home quite a bit more. In addition to being crowned the champion in Team Sweepstakes, UWEC took 1st place in 10 of the 11 events offered. 

One of the championships, UWEC won was in Oratory which means that UWEC will be one of the two schools representing the State of Wisconsin at the Interstate Oratory Contest at the University of Nebraska-Omaha on April 22-24,2016.  Senior Elijah Freeman will be attending this tournament and representing UWEC for the second time in his career. He qualified for IOC his sophomore year and advanced to Semi-Finals. 


Here are the specific placings from this weekend.  If you see these students, please congratulate them.

Impromptu Speaking—6th place—Heidi Feyereisen (senior)

Impromptu Speaking—2nd place—Jake Wrasse (senior)

Impromptu Speaking—1st place—Ben Thompson Isaac (senior)


Informative Speaking—5th place—Jake Wrasse

Informative Speaking—4th place--Tennisha Sonsalla (sophomore)

Informative Speaking—3rd place-- Heidi Feyereisen

Informative Speaking—2nd place --Alex Brown (senior)

Informative Speaking—1st place--Elijah Freeman (senior)


Prose Interpretation—3rd place—Tennisha Sonsalla

Prose Interpretation—2nd place –Ben Thompson Isaac

Prose Interpretation—1st place—Sydney Tupy (sophomore)


Extemporaneous Speaking—3rd place--Elijah Freeman

Extemporaneous Speaking—2nd place--Alex Brown

Extemporaneous Speaking—1st place—Jake Wrasse


Duo Interpretation—2nd place—Sydney Tupy/Maddy Hinze (freshman)

Duo Interpretation—1s place—Sydney Tupy/Ben Thompson Isaac


Program Oral Interpretation—2nd place—Ben Thompson Isaac

Program Oral Interpretation—1st place—Tennisha Sonsalla


Oratory—5th place—Taylor Turben (junior)

Oratory—4th place—Jake Wrasse

Oratory—3rd place—Alex Brown

Oratory—1st place—Elijah Freeman (quals for IOC)


After-Dinner Speaking—5th place –Heidi Feyereisen

After-Dinner Speaking—2nd place—Alex Brown

After-Dinner Speaking—1st place—Elijah Freeman


Communication Analysis—5th place—Jake Wrasse

Communication Analysis—3rd place—Ben Thompson Isaac

Communication Analysis—2nd place—Alex Brown

Communication Analysis—1st place—Elijah Freeman


Dramatic Interpretation—1st place—Ben Thompson Isaac

Poetry Interpretation—4th place—Maddy Hinze

Poetry Interpretation—2nd place—Sydney Tupy


Individual Sweepstakes:

5th place—UWEC Jake Wrasse

4th place—UWEC Tennisha Sonsalla

3rd place—UWEC Alex Brown

2nd place—UWEC Elijah Freeman

1st place—UWEC Ben Thompson Isaac


Team Sweepstakes:

1st place—UWEC


UWEC to host National Forensics Association National Championships (April 13-17, 2017)