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Egbert R. Nichols Invitational Results

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

February 14, 2016

Redhawk Invitational
  • Extemp: Alex Brown, 3rd place
  • After Dinner Speaking: Sarah Doege, 4th place
  • After Dinner Speaking: Elijah Freeman, 1st place
  • Communication Analysis: Taylor Turben, 6th place
  • Communication Analysis: Elijah Freeman, 4th place
  • Impromptu: Ben Thompson Isaac, 2nd place
  • POI: Tennisha Sonsalla, 4th place
  • Drama: Sydney Tupey, 3rd place
  • Informative: Sarah Doege, 4th place
  • Informative: Jake Wrasse, 2nd place
  • Team Sweeps: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 3rd place