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UWEC Forensics traveled to the University of Nebraska-Kearny for the AFA-NIET District 4 Qualifying Tournament.  Students brought home trophies and qualifications in the following events:


Extemporaneous Speaking—4th- Clayton Cavanaugh 

Duo Interpretation—5th —Mitchell Krisnik /Austen Fairbanks (quasl for AFA)

Duo Interpretation—2nd —Tennisha Sonsalla / Emily Shepardson  (quals for NFA)

After-Dinner Speaking—6th –Colin Pitman 

Prose Interpretation—3rd—Austen Fairbanks (quals for AFA)

Persuasion-2nd—Colin Pitman (quals for AFA)

Impromptu Speaking—5th –Clayton Cavanaugh

Informative Speaking—5th –Colin Pitman

Informative Speaking—4th ---Maddy Hinze  (quals for AFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—6th—Lauren Brooks (quals for AFA)J

Dramatic Interpretation—3rd---Tennisha Sonsalla (quals for AFA)

Dramatic Interpretation—2nd--- Austen Fairbanks (quals for AFA)

Communication Analysis—4th –Maddy Hinze (quals for AFA)

Communication Analysis—2nd—Lauren Brooks (quals for AFA)