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Garfield Avenue project affects travel on lower campus. The project is expected to be completed in fall 2018. Please allow extra time when traveling to see us!

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UW-Eau Claire construction update: Nov. 1, 2017

The following is an overview of work completed since Oct. 1 and expected in the next 30 days on the UW-Eau Claire Garfield Avenue redevelopment and Karlgaard Towers renovation projects.

(See an updated bird's-eye view of the Garfield Avenue project in the recent video above.)

Work completed since Oct. 1

Garfield Avenue redevelopment

  • Poured remaining concrete walkways from west to east on both sides of project up to endpoint for fall 2017.
  • Completed pathway in outdoor classroom area near Putnam Park.
  • Backfilled with topsoil along walkways from Old Library up to and past Schofield Hall.
  • Completed installations of sidewalk pavers in front of Schofield Hall and Old Library and in Blugold Mixer area.
  • Completed grading, installed lighting and planted grass between Schneider and Phillips halls.
  • Finished concrete work on amphitheater.
  • Completed new gas utility line installation from McIntyre Library to Park Avenue.
  • Restored steam to Schneider Hall.

Karlgaard Towers south tower renovation

  • Began basement demolition.
  • Asbestos abatement: Completed 9th and 8th floors, began on 7th floor.
  • Bathrooms demolition: Completed on 10th floor, began on 9th floor.
  • Began roof preparations for rooftop mechanical room addition.
  • Began 10-story exterior brick removal where new student lounge windows will be installed.

Work to be completed in next 30 days

Garfield Avenue redevelopment

  • Drive pilings and install pre-cast concrete in Chippewa Lounge area along riverfront.
  • Install final section of permanent concrete on walkway between Schofield Hall and the footbridge.
  • Install temporary asphalt to connect walkway near northwest corner of Zorn Arena to Garfield Avenue.
  • Continue backfilling with topsoil along concrete walkways.
  • Install monolithic stone in Blugold Mixer area.
  • Continue mass grading of project area from west to east.
  • Install new permanent bike racks between Schofield Hall and Old Library and in front of Old Library.
  • Complete repaving of Roosevelt Avenue near Schneider and Phillips halls.

Karlgaard Towers south tower renovation

  • Asbestos abatement: Continue on 7th floor, begin on 6th floor.
  • Bathrooms demolition on 9th floor.
  • Continue demolition of basement and begin demolition of lobby.
  • Continue 10-story exterior brick removal where new student lounge windows will be installed.

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