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UW-Eau Claire construction update: April 16, 2019

The following is an overview of work completed since Feb. 1, 2019, and expected in the next 60 days on UW-Eau Claire construction projects.

Work completed since Feb. 1, 2019

David Karlgaard Hall renovation

  • Completed mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins.
  • Completed masonry construction of bathroom walls.
  • Completed drywall installation.
  • Completed painting.
  • Installed ceramic tile on floors 10 through 2.
  • Completed study lounge window installations.
  • Completed exterior metal panels installation.
  • Installed carpet on floors 10 through 5.

New residence hall

  • Completed drywall installation through floor 5.
  • Completed electrical and plumbing rough-ins.
  • Completed interior painting through floor 4.
  • Completed exterior brick installation on building's east and south sides.
  • Began installing windows and exterior metal panels.
  • Installed flooring on floors 1 through 3.

Work to be completed in next 60 days

David Karlgaard Hall renovation

  • Install fixtures and finishes (plumbing, cabinets) on all floors.
  • Begin demo and reconstruction of hall director apartment.
  • Install carpet on floors 4 through 2.
  • Begin landscaping in north courtyard outside new entrance.

New residence hall

  • Complete drywall installation through floor 6.
  • Complete interior painting on floors 5, 6 and 1.
  • Continue installing windows and exterior metal panels.

Garfield Avenue redevelopment

  • Irrigation system commissioning starting April 29.
  • Replace cracked concrete panels from Putnam Hall east to Hibbard Hall.