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Women's studies film seminar heads to San Francisco

"We started in 2010, dreamed big, and wanted to take students to San Francisco to make films. We also wanted to create an outlet for our students to show their films to the UW-Eau Claire campus. Thus, we came up with the Eau Queer Film Festival." 

— Ellen Mahaffy, associate professor of communication and journalism  

A group of UW-Eau Claire students embark today on a travel seminar that will take them to the Frameline Film Festival, the world's largest international queer film fest in San Francisco, where they will create films.

"We take a cohort of students to San Francisco to create documentary shorts on a particular social/activist issue and come back to Eau Claire to produce them and screen them at the Eau Queer Film Festival. Eau Queer is a showcase for the student work, and also allows them to share some films they saw at Frameline with an Eau Claire audience," says Mahaffy.

You can keep up daily with the students on this extraordinary trip through their blog — the next best thing to traveling yourself. See what they are seeing in San Francisco's Castro District, learn what actually goes into creating a short film, and find out what an immersion trip is all about. 

Follow the San Francisco Travel Seminar students at Eau Queer Film Festival.

Photo captions

Top image: Seminar students having their first tour of the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, led by activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca. 

Photo in body of text: Ellen Mahaffy, left, and Pam Forman, associate professor of sociology,  spend seven days in class reviewing documentary films with students, preparing for the San Francisco Travel Seminar.