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In their own words: Blugold Beginnings mentors get personal

| Denise Olson

Some stories really can only be effectively told in the first person, which is why we make efforts to give the student voice a variety of platforms from which to be heard. One of these platforms is social media blog spots, like Tumblr. 

Below you will find over 20 Tumblr stories, reflections, and personal accounts of student experience at UW-Eau Claire. Enjoy these powerful and thoughtfully crafted works by some hard-working Blugolds. Each writer brings a different background, context and set of values to the table, and the blend of voices that emerges is wonderful.

Latinx: Coming to terms with gender and finding a home at UW-Eau Claire

Dreaming big and making a difference

Stepping out of comfort zones

Expanding horizons

First generation challenges

My winterim study abroad

Cultural appreciation

My Blugold transformation

Senior nostalgia

On curve balls and opportunities

Adjusting to the advantage of adversity

Spring Break in Selma, Alabama

My identity puzzle

Learning to be a leader

My freshman year seizing opportunities

Looking back, planning ahead

Coordinating the Civil Rights Pilgrimage

My journey to Thailand

Wow, you're an RA