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Cultural Diversity Champion AND Criminal Justice Leader

| Leland Orfield

Community by definition suggests the unity of people based on a shared culture. For Calvin Belfrey Jr., establishing and maintaining a healthy community is essential for personal and interpersonal wellness within society. As a criminal justice major at UW-Eau Claire, Calvin values what he has learned about the judicial system and seeks opportunities to educate others for the benefit of the surrounding communities. While he is determined to become a police officer after college, Calvin is focused on building community on campus.

Beyond his studies, Calvin is a committed member of the Black Student Alliance, which is a university organization that encourages the development of a more welcoming campus community and strives for improving the UW-Eau Claire experience for African-American students. Calvin contributes to BSA by assisting with the planning and promotion of the organization’s events, which he hopes bring attention to the black population on campus in a way that cultivates the immersion of all cultures represented at the university.

He is also employed at the Office of Multicultural Affairs on campus, where he mentors younger students for Blugold Beginnings and is staffed within the office. Calvin sees his job as a perfect outlet for him to help educate youth and to encourage them to continue their studies through secondary education. Calvin’s passion for the criminal justice system AND his vision for a brighter, more culturally diverse future have strengthened his professional and personal pursuits of social activism … and that’s pretty powerful!