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Words From the Wilderness: Nickolas Butler's Fiction Residency

“You’re cheating! I smell lighter fluid.”

Guild Director BJ Hollars and I heard this from the Cirenaica lodge last Friday evening as we started the campfire…with a little help. In our defense it had rained the night before, so we could use a little help.

It was the second night of Nickolas Butler’s Fiction Residency at Cirenaica, and after a long day of tackling projects, workshopping, and gorging on succulent meals, a fire is just what we needed.

“Lighter fluid?” I lied. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

In his article written for the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild, Goeff Carter recounts his experience with the workshops lead by Nick Butler. Read the full story on the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild website.