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Providing High-Impact Internship Opportunities

| B.J. Hollars

Despite Covid-19 setbacks, the UWEC English Department Internship program remains strong, and it continues to provide high-impact internship opportunities for English majors and minors.

Over the past year, interns have received placements in an array of local organizations, from off-campus opportunities including Volume One, Realityworks, Mason Companies, Inc., Beaver Creek Reserve, WEAU, WestCap, Chippewa Valley Writers Guild, Barstow & Grand, the Chippewa Valley Symphony, and more; to on-campus placements, such as UWEC’s McNair Program, Honors Program, and English Department.  These internships have provided students a wealth of experiences and skills.  And in the case of recent graduate Rebecca Mennecke, her internship led to a job as well.

“In my internship with Volume One in the spring and summer of 2019, I was offered really interactive and engaging editorial experiences that eventually led to me accepting a position as Associate Editor – my dream job!” Rebecca recently shared.  “The Volume One team got me on board editing, invited me to participate in community events, and encouraged me to pitch and write stories about local people and events I am passionate about…My current job as Associate Editor surpasses all my wildest expectations! I get to meet wonderful people in the community, learn their stories, and share them, while working with a seriously fantastic group of people.”

For more information on how you can take part in our internship program, or if you have an internship opportunity available, visit this link or email internship director B.J. Hollars at