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Multi-faceted English writing internship experience

| Alexander Michael

Wondering how to apply your English major or minor to a career path? Looking for a job experience that could be a great resume builder? Wanting to complete your service learning requirement? A Writing Internship is a great way to accomplish these things simultaneously. For starters, if you are offered an internship and take the required internship class ENGL 498, you can build up your resume, learn how to make connections using Linked-In and Handshake, adapt your social media to make it more professionally appealing, and even earn your service learning credit. In the past there have also been interns who have turned their internships into jobs, or at the very least received recommendations for a position.

Having good writing skills looks great on your resume, and there are many different internships that are offered that may appeal to your interests and allow you to adapt other skills that pertain to your major. Even though most of these are writing internships, they offer a wide array of focuses such as writing and editing business plans, editing or creating content for webpages, writing articles, doing interviews, taking photos and videos for posts on social media, or managing posts and events on multiple social media clients. There are positions where you will learn how to write grants, or work in a corporate setting, or even create documentation for marketing. A lot of the internships are offered right here on campus or within walking distance. Best of all, some of these internships are paid and all of them give you valuable experience in applying your abilities as English Majors and Minors!

There are many opportunities offered, and they may help you adapt or find skills you didn’t even know that you had. If you are worried about how you are still going to find time to do any of these things, don’t worry. The internship coordinators are aware that you are students and they are flexible and willing work with your school schedule; some will even let you work from home. The internships are open to all English majors and minors, so make sure you look through the catalogue of internships and start the application process. For more information on the current English Writing Internships go to: or join Handshake at: Finally, if you want help create a resume and cover letter, then make an appointment with Career Services: Best of luck on your English Writing internship pursuits, as well as all future endeavors.