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English Department Accomplishments - Fall 2020

Even in the midst of a pandemic, UWEC's English department faculty have been as busy as ever. 

Dr. José Felipe Alvergue has had his third book of poetry, “scenery,” published by Fordham University Press. The book also was the winner of Fordham University Press' Poets Out Loud Editor's Prize. The book is available here.

Dr. Erica Benson had the paperback edition of her co-edited volume, “Language Regard: Methods, Variation and Change,” published by Cambridge University Press in September 2020 (hardback edition was published in 2018).

Dr. Dorothy Ka-Ying Chan has five poems in the new issue of the online literary magazine DREGINALD. Chan’s review of Jessica Q. Stark's debut poetry/hybrid collection, “Savage Pageant,” is now up on Pleiades' website. Chan also has a new essay, titled “A Series of Hong Kong Commercials” as part of Awst Press' series on media.

Dr. Chan was interviewed for the Sept. 10 Volume One article “Boys Club No More,” about her new online literary journal, Honey Literary, that is completely run by Black women, Indigenous women and women of color. The article was written by UW-Eau Eau Claire graduate Rebecca Mennecke.

Dr. Chan has had her poem “Ode to Chinese Superstitions, Haircuts, and Being a Girl” published in the October issue of Poetry Magazine. Her book review of Joshua Jennifer Espinoza's collection “I'm Alive. It Hurts. I Love It” is now up on University of Southern Indiana's blog “The Meter Reader.” In addition, her poem “Year of the Pig” was nominated by Pidgeonholes for its “Best of the Net” poetry recognition, and her poem "Because You Fall Too Fast Too Hard" was nominated by Flypaper Lit for its “Best of the Net” poetry honor. And Spork Press has released a special limited-edition version of Chan’s poetry book, “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold.”

Dr. Chan has been selected as one of the speakers at this year's Red Clay Writers (Virtual) Conference, Georgia Writers Association's Annual Conference for Writers, Nov. 14-15. She also is the new book reviews co-editor for Pleiades Magazine and recently had her poem “Love Letter to Time Travel, Jello Salad, and My Mother” nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Ilanot Review.

Dr. Chan has had two reviews published in the November issue of Poetry. The piece, which contains reviews of Rosebud Ben-Oni's “turn around, BRXGHT XYXS” and Sharon Olds’ “Arias,” is titled “Over the You About You.”

Dr. Chan has had her review of Shin Yu Pai's ENSŌ published in BIG OTHER.

Dr. Chan, assistant professor of English, has had four triple sonnets published in the fall 2020 issue of The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought.

Dr. Chan has had her poem “Recipe for Boys Named Stanford, Duke, and Berkeley” published in Pleiades online. In addition, Chan’s poem “Triple Sonnet for Eggsexuals” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize from The Account: A Journal of Poetry, Prose, and Thought.

Dr. Chan recently was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her poem “Triple Sonnet for Charging Admission,” which has been published in The Boiler.

Dr. Chan has had two new triple sonnets published in the January issue of Poetry Magazine: “Triple Sonnet for Celebrities with Three Names” and “Triple Sonnet Because Boy, You're Starstruck and I'm a Wonder.” Chan also has had two more triple sonnets published in Vox Viola Magazine: “A Triple Sonnet About Queer Girl x Straight Girl Friendships” and “Triple Sonnet for Being a Queer in a Family of Straights.” In addition, Chan’s literary magazine, Honey Literary, debuted its new online artist spotlight: “Sticky Fingers” with an interview with K-Ming Chang on her new novel, “Bestiary.” The interview was conducted by Chan and her co-founder, Rita Mookerjee.

Max Garland, professor emeritus of English, had his poem “Social Distancing” published in “Singing In The Dark, A Global Anthology of Poetry Under Lockdown,” which was published by Penguin Random House, India, in October.

John Hildebrand, professor emeritus of English, was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Spectrum West” Dec. 3. Hildebrand discussed his book “The Heart of Things” and shared perspectives on regaining a sense of community during the pandemic. Learn more and listen.

B.J. Hollars had his story, titled “Finding stillness in the storm,” published in the Sept. 10 Leader-Telegram.

B.J. Hollars, founder/director of the Midwest Artist Academy, was quoted in the Sept. 24 Leader-Telegram article “Artist Academy designed to help teens hone their creative talents individually and collectively.”

B.J. Hollars had his story “A lighter side of politics” published in the Nov. 12 Leader-Telegram as part of its Sawdust Stories weekly column.

B.J. Hollars was a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Spectrum West” Dec. 10. Learn more and listen.

B.J. Hollars was quoted in the Jan. 8 Chippewa Valley Post article “UW-EC Civil Rights Pilgrimage moves online and offers access for the general community.”

Dr. Lucy A. Johnson has had her essay “(Re)Composing our Consent: Critical Digital Literacies as Remixed Terms of Service” published in the journal Constellations: A Cultural Rhetorics Publishing Space. In this essay Johnson argues for the relevance of protecting digital bodies alongside the physical in the writing classroom through the rhetorical act of sousveillance (watching the watchers).

Dr. Erna Kelly, professor emerita of English, had her poem “Grass” selected for an honorable mention award in the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Triad Contest in the Kay Saunders Emerging Poet category.

Dr. Kelly had her poems “Doves” and “It came gently toward my window” published in Ariel 2020, a print anthology featuring poems of discovery.

Karen Loeb, professor emerita of English, has had many poems published over the past few months. Her poem “The Agility of Chopsticks” received an honorable mention in the Wisconsin People and Ideas Poetry Contest and was published in the spring issue. Her poem “Postcards Home” appears in the current issue of Pinyon magazine, a print literary magazine from Grand Junction, Colorado, and her poem “Pandemic Cycle” was published in the Local Lit column of the Oct. 19 issue of Volume One. Loeb’s poem “In the Age of the Virus I still Do This” was published on page 46 of the April 30 issue of Quarantine Zine. Loeb also gave a reading Aug. 13, which was sponsored by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters, as part of an ongoing series featuring previous winners of its poetry and fiction contests. She also participated in the Snapshots series this summer, reading her poem “The Barred Owls Have a Party” accompanied by music and photographs of local artists.

Dr. Allyson Loomis was the recipient of the 2020 Career Excellence in Teaching Award presented by the College of Arts and Sciences. This award recognizes a College member with a sustained record of at least 15 years of highly effective teaching. Award recipients demonstrate the ability and practice of motivating students and encouraging active learning; developing and assessing effective teaching methods and curricula; organizing learning experiences that enhance student learning and development; engaging students in high-impact practices; staying current with scholarship in their field; leading campus and/or professional dialogue on teaching and learning; and serving as a leader and mentor in teaching.

Dr. Bob Nowlan has received a grant from the Cignet Trust to provide full external support for a 100% leave during the 2020-21 academic year, from June 2020 through August 2021, to work on writing two books: “Ian Curtis, Joy Division and Critical Theory” and “21st-Century British TV Crime Drama: A Critical Guide.”

Dr. Nowlan is featured in an interview, titled “Exploring Critical Theory Outside Of Academia: An Interview With Bob Nowlan,” which was published on the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild site Dec. 4. The interview discussed Nowlan's ongoing work writing two books focused on critical studies in popular culture: “Ian Curtis, Joy Division, and Critical Theory” and “21st Century British TV Crime Drama: a Critical Guide.” The interview was conducted by UW-Eau Claire English major Krisany Blount, under the supervision of B.J. Hollars, associate professor of English.

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Rylander for completing the EDI Tier 3 professional development program. He completed 10 or more Tier 2 sessions and a project titled "Writing Across the Curriculum and High-Impact Practices- CETL EDI Tier 2 Workshop."

Congratulations to Dr. Kaia Simon for completing the EDI Tier 3 professional development program. She completed 10 or more Tier 2 sessions and a project within their scope of duties to help improve EDI on campus: “Humanizing the Migrant Experience through Culturally Competent Approaches in First-Year Writing.”

Bruce Taylor, professor emeritus of English, has had a number of poems published in the following magazine, journals and anthologies during 2020: American Journal of Poetry, Vol. 8: “Passing It On”; Ekphrastic Review: “Evening Wind”; The Poeming Pigeon: Pop Culture: “Finale Got you Down?” “Ravens Perch Her At The Window,” “Women In Yellow Grass,” “The Christmas James Brown Died,” “Today’s Poem Already,” “My Old Feet,” “Lovers Sometimes Wait,” “This, On Time,” “Upriver,” “Another Storm Warning,” “Winter 2020”; Unlikely Stories: “One of the Guys”; Wild Gods, The Ecstatic in Contemporary American Poetry and Prose. New Rivers Press, Peckham and Vivian, editors: “Here to the top of the tower,” “See how everything is passing by.”

Dr. Stacy Thompson has had his article “On the Interpassivity of Collecting” published in the August 2020 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, published by Palgrave/Springer.

Dr. Stephanie Turner had her essay “As Far as I Can Tell” published in the Fall 2020 issue of Barstow & Grand.