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English Fest hosts award-winning poet Nan Cohen

| Alaina Guns

On Tuesday, March 27th English Fest hosted award-winning poet Nan Cohen for a poetry reading and discussion. She was then interviewed by Blugold News Now's Ali Mundth.

Cohen explains the impact that writers coming together to share their works can have. "You're doing art, really for connection with other people, and you want other people to be touched, and moved, and changed by your work. So I think it feels very natural to ask people questions and to try to connect what you're going to read to their own experience."

Associate Professor Jan Stirm explains how a poetry reading can be a great time to see how a liberal arts education can connect different subjects. "You learn to take what you've learned in math, and what you've learned in music, and what you've learned in a literature class and say 'Oh, these all speak to each other.'"

To see the full story, watch the video above.