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Christina Berchini is awarded an Honorable Mention for the NCTE National Intellectual Freedom Award

Dr. Christina Berchini, Assistant Professor of English at UWEC, has been awarded one of two Honorable Mentions for the NCTE National Intellectual Freedom award. The National Council of Teachers of English set up the Intellectual Freedom award to "honor individuals, groups, or institutions that merit recognition for advancing the cause of intellectual freedom."

In awarding Berchini the honorable mention, the selection committee stated:

"Christina Berchini tackles head on the issues of our current sociopolitical climate and the need for conversations on race and racism. Her scholarship on ways in which White teachers’ identities are structured by the contexts and discourses of their schools is not only timely, it is imperative. As the teaching force remains largely White and students become increasingly multicolored, her work reveals how institutions reify specific racialized social norms. She raises public awareness of how the school organization is anything but benign, pointing out that schools shape educational practice to impose one set of cultural values and practices on multicultural students and teachers."

Read the full article from the NCTE discussing Christina's achievements in intellectual freedom.