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Cultural immersion: Exploring culture, society and economics in Argentina

| Alex Jansen

Curious about what you can expect from a cultural immersion program? Below is an description of a summer 2017 program in Argentina. It is currently full, but will give you a good idea of what to expect from future programs

Through this faculty-led program, you will be introduced to contemporary Argentina. Led by Dr. Rose-Marie Avin and Dr. Karen O’Day, it will take you to the Mendoza region of Argentina, located at the foothills of the Andes mountains.

There you will spend three weeks learning about social, political and economic issues facing the country and develop an intimate understanding of its culture and history. Through pre-departure lectures videos and discussions, you will gain a foundation of knowledge about Argentine society and economy, which will be reinforced and expanded upon by presentations and lectures provided by faculty at the University of Congreso.


Embrace the culture

You will get daily exposure to the Spanish language and Argentine culture through living with host families and attending classes at the University of Congreso (Universidad de Congreso). You will tour the city, visit museums, take tango lessons and tour wineries — an important sector of the Argentine economy.

Learn from the community, connect with local peers at the college and spend your three weeks exploring the vibrant Argentine culture.

Take in the arts

Argentina is recognized around the world for its artists, as well as its many important art venues and events. The city of Mendoza has its own active art scene for you to discover in the form of museums, galleries, and markets.

You will visit venues such as El Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno, which hosts temporary exhibits of modernist and contemporary art by local and national artists. Another important museum you will visit is El Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, which exhibits a collection of Argentine paintings, murals and sculpture. In addition, El Museo Area Fundacional and El Museo del Pasado Cuyano will give you historical perspectives on the art and architecture of the Greater Mendoza area.

Discover the uniqueness

The Andean region is unique within an area of Latin America that does not fit traditional images of South America. You will discover the ways that Argentina is situated in modernity that is both European and Indigenous in nature.

This is your chance to understand the role of history in shaping the social, cultural, political and economic institutions in Argentina, while also gaining insights into the process of economic globalization in the country.

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