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Economics alumnus gives highest marks to Blugold faculty

| Denise Olson

There are few hotter topics on the current national scene than health care reform, and one Blugold economics graduate is contributing to the ongoing reform efforts through his work in data science.

Brandon Magliocco, a native of Brookfield, completed his B.A. in economics in 2014 and went on to pursue a master's degree in data science at the University of Minnesota. Magliocco credits much of his success in graduate school and his data science career to the incredible foundation he built as a UW-Eau Claire economics student.

"As a data scientist working on national health care reform, my experience and economics training at UWEC was paramount to my success. Data science is a rapidly evolving field that spans multiple disciplines, but emphasizes economics and mathematics. The incredible faculty and staff of the economics department are aware of the newest trends in the field and guide students to pursue courses and experiences that will develop them both as students and individuals. I attribute much of my success to the mentorship of the faculty in the department," he said.

A fundamental pillar of the student experience at UW-Eau Claire is collaborative student-faculty research, and Magliocco was able to conduct multiple research projects with various faculty in the economics department. As an undergrad, he had the opportunity to conduct econometric research with Dr. David Schaffer, lead an econometric-based capstone project under the supervision of Dr. Maria DaCosta, and take a semesterlong mathematical economics seminar with Dr. Wayne Carroll.

"These experiences set me apart enormously during my application to graduate school. Due to the advanced research methodology I had been exposed to and the challenging econometric and mathematical economics courses the department offered, I was accepted to attend the University of Minnesota in economics and data science," Magliocco said.

Despite having attended a prestigious research institution like the U of M, Magliocco credits his UW-Eau Claire faculty mentors as the real base of his graduate school and career success.

"I cannot adequately emphasize the enormous value of the education and experience offered by the economics department faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I have had the privilege to interact with each faculty and staff member in the department," he says. "The faculty make a diligent effort to involve students in research, study abroad, research abroad, and community outreach. Motivated students are also given the opportunity to take on challenging individual research and are coached through the learning process on an individual basis. The faculty create such a positive and warm learning environment; I have yet to find such a wonderful group of faculty and staff anywhere else."