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Cultural Immersion: Argentina Summer of 2017

Thinking about taking summer classes but also wanting to take a vacation this summer? Why not immerse yourself by traveling to Mendoza, Argentina and taking classes there? Students can receive credit in either Economics or Latin American Studies while fulfilling their global learning outcomes/foreign culture credits. With these credits, students will have the opportunity to fully learn and engage in Argentina’s culture without the need to learn a second language. So what can students expect throughout this three week adventure?


Students will arrive in Mendoza, Argentina under the guidance of Dr. Rose-Marie Avin and Dr. Karen O’Day. From there, students will meet their host-families that they will be living with for the three weeks. During this time, students will develop a bond with their families and experience how the Argentines live their daily lives.


In order to understand and gain respect of Argentina, students will receive lectures throughout all of the three weeks. Classes will touch on topics of Argentina’s history, geography, culture, and current economy. Cultural courses include learning about Argentina’s traditional foods and dance, as well as participating in traditional cooking and dancing. In the economics courses, students will learn about the current issues of inflation and about Mendoza’s wine economy.


Field Trips

After learning about much of Argentina’s history and economy, students will dive deeper into understanding Argentina through the scheduled field trips. As mentioned above, students will have a designated day to travel outside Mendoza and prepare a traditional meal that they will then share together. Students will also visit several of the wineries in Mendoza to understand the different techniques each winery uses to produce and market their wine.

Other opportunities for students to explore include a day trip to the Andes Mountains and a three-day weekend that will allow them to explore different areas of Argentina that interest them. They may stay in Mendoza or they may also travel to a further city.


When considering this trip, students may worry about financing. The total cost of this course is relatively cheap at $2,600 including everything (credit fees, housing, insurance, etc.) except the airline ticket. There are also many resources for financing this trip including $1,500 from Blugold Commitment and scholarships from UWEC’s Center for International Education and the Department of Economics Harry Kaiser Scholarship

Beginning the Journey

Throughout this journey, students will gain a critical understanding of Argentina’s culture, history, economics, and geography. They will engage in ethical global citizenship by gaining respect for all cultures and human beings that will give them confidence to explore more areas of the globe.

If you are interested in this opportunity, you may contact Dr. Rose-Marie Avin at or Karen O’Day at to schedule an appointment. The priority application deadline for this opportunity is November 15, 2017.