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Supporting the transition from doer to leader

Alyssa Pronschinske, sales support for Great Northern Corporation, has been with her company for four years. During this time, her leaders identified that she was a quick learner with natural leadership qualities. As a result, her role has advanced every year and she now she leads a team of seven people.  For some, these changes may have been intimidating, but Alyssa knew her company would provide the tools to succeed as a new supervisor.

After accepting new supervisory responsibilities in 2017, she started in the Supervisory Management Certificate Program through UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education to learn about different ideas and tools that could enhance her leadership skills. Enrolling new managers in this program is just one example of how Great Northern Corporation invests in their employees and upholds their vision of personal growth and a shared future, which makes the employees feel valued.

“The Supervisory Management Certificate Program really helped me with the transition from being a ‘do-er’ to a leader.  I have learned the value in making time for strategizing, and it has helped me accept my role as a manager.” Alyssa said.

Alyssa appreciated the structure of the 2-day core courses, which gave her dedicated days outside of work to focus on her new responsibilities. She had the time to think, plan, and prepare, which managers don’t always get when they are responding to issues and working with their employees day-to-day.

“I enjoyed the active participation in each of the workshops and the ‘community’ feel that developed with managers from other companies.  I appreciated the opportunity to see how my experience compared to others’ and I am thankful that my full-time job is to be a great leader; it isn’t like that at every company.”

Alyssa says that through the Supervisory Management Certificate Program she learned how to recognize her team members’ individual strengths and then provide them with opportunities that complement those strengths.  

“The impact this program has made for me and my team is that they now see me as a more credible supervisor. They all knew I was a first-time supervisor, so with proper training, they have growing confidence in me and my decisions and they respond well to my managerial style.”

Check out the variety of topics covered in the Supervisory Management Certificate Program.

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