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training specialists AND treating wounds

| Jennifer Benike

Nearly 25 percent of the residents of Juneau, Alaska, live in rural areas. This presents special challenges and opportunities for health care professionals like Physical Therapist Che Plang. Che earned his certification in wound care, then enhanced his skills in debridement, off-loading, and other chronic wound care techniques by attending Woundstock. He was able to immediately put what he learned to use for the benefit of his patients. And, as the Director of Rehab in his facility, he shares his new expertise with co-workers to lead health care improvements in his region and provide specialized care closer to home.

Living Life to the Fullest
One of Che's new patients suffered from a chronic wound. Using techniques he learned at Woundstock, he was able to reduce the size of the chronic wound dramatically over a five month period. The result? His patient was able to enjoy her planned Hawaiian vacation with her husband on schedule.

Faster Healing
One of the vendors at Woundstock introduced Che to Wound Vac Therapy and provided specific tips and strategies he could put to use immediately - which he did. Che had a patient with a broken thigh bone which developed into a chronic infected wound. Thanks to what he learned, Che was able to close up two of the wounds within a couple weeks and the rest shortly after that. The result? His patient was able to resume his life much sooner than expected.

Che says, "Because of Woundstock, my work has improved compared to other practitioners. Being skilled in wound care is an art. If you love what you are doing it becomes an art. It heightened my level of awareness in wound care."