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street expert AND supportive supervisor

| Claire Lindstrom

Citizen complaints, ordinance issues, street sweeping, snow and ice control are all part of a typical day for Cory Tietz, Streets Division Supervisor for the City of Eau Claire. He began working for the city as a team member on the Streets Division and moved into his current supervisory role three years ago.

"I think the Supervisory Management Certificate Program is great for people who don't have a college degree. It really teaches you what you need to know about the basics of supervision. I took things back from the program that I could implement into my workplace right away…to me, that makes the program very valuable."

Cory completed the core Supervisory Management Courses in spring 2014. He took away a lot from the Time Management, Orientation and Delegation course. Cory realized there were gaps in the orientation process in the Streets Division and made improving employee onboarding a priority. He implemented a "Welcome Letter" that is sent to all new employees prior to their first day of work. It includes an introduction, a "what to expect" section that outlines what they need to know if their first few days on the job, as well as a map of facilities and parking instructions.

The result? "I recently asked one of my new hires if he got my letter. He said he did and found it to be really helpful. Those are the kinds of things we can do to make new employees feel welcome and help with retention of new hires. I try to be a better supervisor by listening to what my employees have going on outside of work. It helps me be more understanding and I can relate better to the people I supervise. I now can build trust with my employees and improve morale in the Streets Division."