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plant manager AND process improver

| Claire Lindstrom

American Phoenix is a local manufacturing company specializing in rubber compounds used in many different applications including tires. Mike would say it is the best company you’ve never heard of, and they are growing. Realizing he was facing some difficult challenges, Mike decided to bring the Supervisory Management program on-site for an in-house collaboration with Presto Absorbent Products, another local manufacturing company.

Not all adults are easy to train – Mike knows that, he’s one of them. But change typically follows training and Mike has been impressed with the little things that are picked up in class and transferred into the employees’ workday after each one of the workshops. He has noticed his supervisors are improving at decision making and dealing with conflict as a direct result of the workshops. Also, they are now more aware that their time as floor leader is important.

Mike says, "Before these trainings, we had a hard time with consistent, regular communication. Now, we have begun to ensure that all employees are getting the timely critical information they need. Our communication has improved overall. These classes have opened the door to additional learning opportunities and will allow us to make continuous improvements."