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mediator AND counselor

| Libby Thurston

As a family mediator at Try Mediation and a counselor at First Things First, a local mental health clinic, Denise Sprunk wears many hats. Her family mediation work involves helping divorcing parents resolve conflicts and develop custody and visitation plans that are best for their children. At First Things First, Denise provides individual counseling and runs an AODA group. In this role, she hopes she can provide the empathetic ear and support people need to make positive changes in their lives.

To be successful in these position, it’s important to Denise to remain current on practice trends and evidence-based interventions. She considers UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education’s human services programs a vital resource in maintaining her professional skills. She has attended several programs in ethics, mental health and counseling and plans to take others in the future.

In addition, by attending Continuing Education’s recent Dangerous Patient program, Denise learned how to better assess her risk of violence in her role as a family mediator and counselor. As she helps clients who may not be thrilled to be meeting with her, she needs to be constantly aware of their mood and body language and be prepared should a situation escalate.

“Being informed is essential in the healthcare and mental health fields and the programs offered by UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education provide me with relevant education to make me confident in my job. The instructors are knowledgeable, topics are current, the locations are convenient and best of all I’m able to support the local University.”