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marketing manager AND motivating mentor

| Claire Lindstrom

Samantha began the Supervisory Management Certificate Program in 2014 and will complete her certificate in 2016. She chose this program for her leadership development and training because it was local and provided her the opportunity to learn from people within her own community. The fact that this program also offered a tangible certificate at the end of the program provided her the feeling of working towards an end goal.

"I think the biggest take-away for me from the Supervisory Management Program has been the overall message of individual and team communication. I have developed many tactics that have given me the confidence to connect more effectively with my employees, leading to a stronger team and more trust between us."

Samantha now knows how to identify the strengths of people on her team and within her organization. She knows who will excel at different assignments, which helps her delegate, create effective project teams, and complete tasks quickly. Samantha noted that the Process Mapping course helped her recognize the importance of an organized method and how to map out a project from start to finish. This has also helped her team see what the end result was going to be, making all involved believe in the vision.

The Result? Samantha is a more confident leader and her employees and organization can see that.

"Now I feel like I have the confidence to not only sit down and have a conversation with our executive team, but I can then turn around and communicate with my staff the same way. I am now a supervisor that people trust and seek out for advice."

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