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manager AND mentor

| Claire Lindstrom

Kelli started in a supervisor role at Positive Alternatives, a community-based organization serving at-risk youth and young adults, as a program coordinator. Her executive director encouraged her to seek out leadership and management training so she began the Supervisory Management Certificate Program. Now she is the executive director and sends her new managers to the programs.

Kelli knows that a motivated, energized and efficient team is critical to a successful program – and that has everything to do with the leader. Staff members at Positive Alternatives are experts in their fields – not trained managers. The organization very intentionally hires people with the attributes to be good supervisors, and then provides training to help them make a successful transition into management.
Kelli says, “Being a new manager is very challenging. Our staff members come back from Supervisory Management Certificate program workshops with more confidence, skills and enthusiasm. That translates into stronger teams and better results for our clients.”