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How can you help seniors continue to learn?

Each summer, UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education holds an event called Senior Americans Day that brings over 500 individuals to campus who are age 55 and better. A major part of this fun-filled day is breakout workshops that teach participants about various topics such as local history, cultural diversity, health, creativity, cooking and more. Anyone is welcome to share their passions and knowledge. If you are interested in being a presenter, please contact Continuing Education .

UW-Eau Claire religious studies professor Dr. Steven Fink has presented on the topic of Islam religion at Senior Americans Day. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.

What is rewarding about presenting at Senior Americans Day?

It is very rewarding to present to a group that is clearly eager to learn. Audience members asked great questions about Islam — frequently trying to make sense of their pre-existing understandings and misunderstandings about the religion and its followers.

How do you think Senior Americans Day benefits the community?

I think Senior Americans Day is a great way to educate members of the community about a variety of topics. I especially appreciate the opportunity to help community members move beyond stereotypes about Islam and gain a more accurate understanding of the religion and its followers.

Why did you decide to present at Senior Americans Day?

I decided to present at Senior Americans Day because of expectations as an Associate Professor to serve the community (a professional benefit) and because I want to help as many people as possible gain a more accurate understanding of Islam.

Thanks to presenters like Dr. Fink, Senior Americans Day gives participants the chance to continue learning about subjects that are interesting to them.

Would you like the opportunity to interact with event-goers or present at Senior Americans Day? Contact Continuing Education