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hospice advocate AND life-long learner

| Libby Thurston

As a lifelong advocate for hospice, Diane Stegner-Roadt has always focused her life on understanding others and helping them through difficult times in their lives.

Diane began her journey at UW-Eau Claire first as an employee of the math department, and then as a student pursuing a degree in cartography and English.She changed course toward Social Work when she recognized her passion for directly helping people.Diane received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Social Work at UW-Eau Claire and worked in hospice care for nine years.

While Diane currently works for UW-Eau Claire as the Academic Scheduling Coordinator, she maintains her licensure and skills in social work with the plan of getting back into hospice work after she retires from the university.

Human services programs offered through UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education allow her to stay current on social work practice and research while networking with others working directly in the field. She finds that the skills she has acquired in social work are applicable to her current work as well.

"I enjoy helping people. Keeping updated on my social work skills allows me to better understand people, their personalities and their actions, and then utilize my problem solving and critical thinking skills to work together toward completing a task or project."