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Grow professionally, personally through Continuing Education programs

| Allyson Gommer

UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education/UW-Extension connects people with possibilities by providing degrees and certificates for working adults, professional and workforce development, youth and community programs, and resources for business.

Following are upcoming programs that provide the opportunity for people to grow professionally and personally:

Ethics and Boundaries: End-Of-Life Care
May 5, Eau Claire
Enhance your understanding of ethical issues in end-of-life care in this highly interactive half-day workshop. With the skills you learn in this program, you’ll be able to assist clients and families through challenging psychosocial issues and positively impact the quality of your clients’ living and dying.

Critical Conversations
May 5-6, Eau Claire
We will discuss what makes conversations difficult for you, and how that influences your ability to participate in and facilitate those types of conversations. You’ll learn how to make key adjustments in difficult conversations — spoken and unspoken dialogue, the truth trap, the blame game, problematic assumptions and more.

Managing Conflict, Finding Meaning: Supporting Families at Life’s End
May 5, Eau Claire
Hospice Foundation of America's award-winning Living with Grief series continues with a film addressing methods, strategies and practices that can be used to provide psychosocial and other support to terminally ill patients and their families as they cope with impending death.

Nonprofit Volunteer and Board Member Management
May 5, Hudson
Leaders of nonprofit organizations get their work done through others — most notably board members and volunteers. The ability to effectively motivate and manage these important groups is critical to your personal and organizational success. You'll leave this session with renewed energy and proven strategies that you can immediately implement to boost board member and volunteer engagement and enthusiasm.

Nonprofit Fund Development
May 6, Hudson
Successful fundraising is critical. However, in a competitive environment, nonprofit leaders are increasingly challenged to develop the funding they need to sustain their organizations and achieve their missions. This session will give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in your fund development efforts.

Employee Evaluation and Performance Evaluation
May 12-13, Hudson
The greatest management failure may be the ineffective delivery of performance evaluation feedback. This process is ongoing, extending beyond the formal annual performance appraisal meeting. You will learn proven techniques for delivering effective feedback and conducting constructive performance appraisals, even when the news is challenging.

Nonprofit Leadership Effectiveness
May 12, Eau Claire
In an environment of shrinking budgets and increasing competition, you need a strong foundation of skills and competencies to ensure your success — and the success of your nonprofit. This program will provide you with a new model for managing the issues you face, not as problems to be solved but as issues to be managed.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning
May 13, Eau Claire
Effective planning can help nonprofits achieve their goals while minimizing the resources and effort required to generate desired results. This session will introduce you to the key concepts and techniques of strategic planning and, most importantly, how to apply them.

Woundstock: A New Dimension in Wound Care
May 18-20
This program will provide you with up to three days of valuable wound-care training and offer you the opportunity to stay up-to-date on current topics and network with other professionals. Whether you are new to wound care or have years of experience in this area of treatment, Woundstock will provide valuable information that will improve your patient care.

Process Mapping and Work Flow Improvement
May 19-20, Hudson
Continuous improvement is a 21st-century business imperative as organizations deal with increasing competition and consumer demands for higher quality at lower prices. Working out waste, building in quality and increasing efficiency are leadership must-dos. Return to work with a practical "blueprint" that can be used to improve any process in your organization.

SQL Introduction
May 24, Eau Claire
Learn the basics of relational database theory and creation of the Structured Query Language (SQL). Build your foundation for practical uses of SQL and learn how to retrieve the answers you need from your database.

Improving Care for Veterans Facing Illness and Death
May 25, Eau Claire
This educational video and panel discussion will help health and human service professionals enhance their sensitivity toward veterans and understand the special issues that may arise when providing end-of-life care to veterans.

For complete program details, visit the Continuing Education website or call 715-836-3636.