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foot care expert AND entrepreneur

| Kathryne Smieja

Betty Adsit, RN has a passion for helping others, volunteering, and working with the senior population. After relocating to Eau Claire, Wisconsin with her husband and two children, she wanted to take some time to find her true niche in health care – and one that would allow more time with family and friends. Betty did some research and found the Foot and Nail Care: Education for Nurses program. She quickly realized it would provide skills and knowledge that would transfer to all areas of health care and set her apart professionally. While starting her own business was never her plan, she also decided to take the Foot and Nail Care: How to Start and Run Your Own Business class just to develop her general business skills.

After taking both courses, Betty was encouraged, energized and ready to take the next step. Today, she has started a small business in foot and nail care, and hopes one day to expand. The flexibility she has with her own small business allows her to be everything she wants to be personally and professionally.