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engaged listener AND encouraging coach

| Claire Lindstrom

The Supervisory Management Certificate Program helped John Naser transition from 12 years of working on the manufacturing line at NorLake, to supervising his former peers as the Group Leader of his division. Transitioning from co-worker to supervisor may have proved more difficult for John if not for his participation in UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education's supervisory courses which provided him the knowledge and skills to make the job change successful.

"The classes I have taken with the Supervisory Management program helped me put my position into perspective. I enjoyed learning about the roles and attributes needed to be a successful leader and was able to immediately implement that knowledge into my job each day."

Since taking these courses, the biggest difference it has made in John's role as Group Leader has been how he communicates with his employees. He has been able to recognize the differences in his employees' personalities and work styles and then tailor his communication to them in order to encourage the best results possible. John now feels he is more aware of how his own emotions and style play into conversations.

"By learning the signs and skills to read, assess and react to all of the situations that you encounter during an average day at on the job is priceless. The key is listening to my employees and figuring out their exact needs. Even some of my employees that I've had conflict with in the past, compliment me on how well I listen to their needs and follow through on their requests and concerns."
The changes John has made to his work style have led to a more productive and less-stressful work environment that both he and his employees now benefit from.

John has appreciated what he has learned so far and looks forward to continuing his learning as he works towards completing his certificate this year. For John, the program reaches beyond just learning new tools and skills. "By implementing the techniques and strategies taught in the Supervisory Management Certificate Program, I am able to enjoy working again."