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Continuing Education develops timely webinar and hybrid leadership programming

| Jillian Anderson

During times of challenge and uncertainty, it can be difficult to settle into a new normal. With businesses adjusting to employees working from home or simply navigating through additional challenges, UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education has worked to develop high-quality leadership training series.

"Building Resilient Virtual Teams: a Webinar Series" and "Change Leadership Hybrid Series" are both offered completely online. Participants can choose from 10 online program offerings with everything from one-hour webinars to more in-depth leadership programs. Both series feature programs that start in May.

“We wanted to create programming that was not only responsive to the very real needs of the community now but that would help leaders and organizations grow and find the opportunity in change,” says Melanie Baumgart, an outreach program manager in Continuing Education.  

Following are details about the new series:

  • Building Resilient Virtual Teams: A Webinar Series gives leaders the tools they need to build resilient teams that will not only survive but will thrive through transitions. Through live webinars, instructors will present strategies to help teams adapt and respond. Participants will learn how to build successful virtual teams that stay connected, innovative and effective. This series was developed so that webinar participants may receive contact hours to apply toward their Supervisory Management Certificate
  • The Change Leadership Hybrid Series features three in-depth programs for mid- to upper-level leaders. These programs focus on how leaders can improve critical skills while remaining strong and keeping teams effective and efficient. Participants will learn that by demonstrating transparency and authenticity through communication with colleagues and teams, they will earn trust during these critical periods of change. These topics will be taught through coursework, live webcasts, and interactive discussion boards. Participants receive one-on-one coaching with instructor Allison Cooley when they sign up for one or more of the Change Leadership Hybrid programs.

We look forward to having you join us virtually in the upcoming months and appreciate your continued support of UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education programs.

For more information, contact UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education at 715-836-3636, toll-free at 866-893-2423 or by email at