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UW-Eau Claire team places high in CypherCon 3.0 competition

| Steve Ranis

A team of UW-Eau Claire computer science students (Brendan Zember, Hannah Borreson, Kyler Reuter, Dayne Reuter, Bradley Konsela), accompanied by Steve Ranis, Learning and Technology Services liaison with the computer science department, attended CypherCon 3.0 in Milwaukee April 12-13.

The team placed fourth out of 90 teams in a "Capture the Con" competition involving several challenges related to a variety of information security topics. A major section of Capture the Con was an activity involving wireless network security.

The CypherCon 3.0 experience furthered education about technology for the UW-Eau Claire students. The conference consisted of seminars and several activities that taught security, both physical and technological. Throughout the two days, the team completed many challenges that both tested current abilities and developed new skills. The team also proved to be effective communicators by networking and interacting with other teams participating in the competition.