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Vicki Lord Larson Research Fellowship Professional Seminar Event

| Krista Raleigh

This two and a half our seminar will showcase the work of several students (Karyn Cmeyla, Stephanie Holmes, Maddie Horn, & Aly Reum) and former faculty member, Dr. Jen Thistle (now at Western Washington University). Dr. Thistle was the 2016 recipient of the Vicki Lord Larson Research Fellowship. We will be announcing the 2017 recipient at this seminar.

Effective use of aided AAC requires a child quickly locate and select the appropriate symbol that represents the desired message. Wilkinson and Jagaroo (2004) suggest that the design of the display can influence the ease of learning and using that display.  The current research builds on this by examining the effect of manipulating the background color and symbol location on speed and accuracy of selecting symbols on an array.  This seminar will discuss the current clinical practices and theory behind using background color cues and consistent symbol locations.  We will describe the results of two research studies examining typically developing preschoolers’ performance on multiple visual search tasks and discuss the clinical implications for designing AAC displays.