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advocate AND media guru

When I graduated high school there was no doubt in my mind how my future would look. I chose to attend UW-Eau Claire based on its accredited and well-known communication sciences and disorders program. The path to my future was very clear, and I was confident in the journey ahead. During my undergraduate studies I encountered many opportunities to expose myself to new ideas and fields of study, all of which I took. Whether I was tutoring in the Writing Center, participating in a cultural exchange trip or getting involved with a new student organization, my mind began to open to the possibility of a different future. When I graduated with my bachelor of science degree in 2012, I was ready to take a path less traveled.

My unique education and experiences at UW-Eau Claire led me to my current position as a marketing executive at the largest hearing aid manufacturer and research institute in the country. My education has given me a passion for the hearing industry that has fueled my occupational success. I am proud to say that I am an advocate for the hearing impaired AND a social media guru. I hold a communication sciences and disorders degree and I can build a website. I am forever a Blugold and evidence of the Power of AND.