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Sara Nogle ’11

| ShariLynn Lau '08, '11

Sara Nogle '11, a UW-Eau Claire mass communication graduate, recently returned from a 16-day charity trip to Tanzania. The trip was a fundraiser for the Tanzanian Organization Facilitating Community Development Projects (TAFCOM), a nonprofit organization that was founded in response to a decrease in the standard of living, health care and education in Tanzania.

While in Tanzania, Nogle visited with the children who attend the preschool at TAFCOM, went on safari and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which has a summit of 19,340 feet, making it the highest peak on the African continent, as well as the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

"It is very difficult to describe how incredible this trip really was," Nogle said. "I learned so much about my strengths, my weaknesses and which fears I'm capable of facing. It was such a humbling experience from beginning to end."

The trip so inspired Nogle that she said she plans to return to Tanzania to volunteer teach at the preschool run by TAFCOM.

Nogle currently works as a project manager/graphic designer in the marketing department at UW-Stout but has her UW-Eau Claire coffee mug permanently placed on her desk as a display of her "Blugold pride."

"I had a very positive experience at UW-Eau Claire," Nogle said. "I was, and continue to be, inspired by my professors who taught me things that can't be found in a textbook. UW-Eau Claire helped me figure out where I wanted my career to go and helped enhance my skills so I can succeed in whatever I decide to do."