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'You Are My President' sends messages of hope

"You Are My President," a video project led by a UW-Eau Claire faculty member to help the university community think more about the U.S. democratic system, was completed this week before the polls closed in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

"To say it's been a rough election season is an understatement," said Jan Larson, UW-Eau Claire professor and interim chair in the department of communication and journalism. "'You Are My President' is an attempt to help the campus community positively move forward from this election. We elect a president and that president will be sworn to work for the well-being of all citizens." 

Before the election, Larson invited campus community members to contribute videotaped messages of hope for the not-yet-elected president.

The messages were combined into a single video, viewable at the top of this story and also posted on the university's College of Arts and Sciences Facebook page.

For more information about "You Are My President," send email to Larson at