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Journalism professor shares thoughts on Paris attacks

As investigations continue into the attack on France's satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire journalism professor Dr. Michael Dorsher is available to share his thoughts and observations with the news media.

Dr. Dorsher led 20 journalism students on a study abroad trip to France last summer, and plans to lead another 20 journalism students to Paris and Nice this coming summer.

Quote from Dr. Michael Dorsher:

"My experience is that the people of France are much like the people of America: very multicultural and very protective of their freedoms, their family and friends," said Michael Dorsher, a UW-Eau Claire associate professorwho led 20 students on a journalism study abroad in France last summer. "We saw and met many Muslims peacefully living and working in France. I am sure they are just as horrified by the attacks in Paris as the rest of the French people –maybe more so.

"This summer, I am leading another 20 students to Paris and Nice to study journalism. We will not publish provocative cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, but neither will we shy away from interviewing Muslims or anyone else. We will travel together in groups and be aware of our surroundings, but I am sure we will be no more in danger there this year than Americans were in New York or Washington after 9-11."


Dr. Michael Dorsher is an associate professor of communication and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. A former Washington Post online editor, Dorsher also studied French as a Fulbright Scholar in Montreal in 2008-09 and taught at Harlaxton College in England in 2008.

Contact information:

Dr. Dorsher is available for interviews by phone this week from his home in Hudson. His mobile phone number is 715-222-7036, and his email address is

Editor's note:

The stories that Dorsher's journalism students produced last summer in France are available at