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Janie Boschma: 2008 Devroy Fellow

After returning from Washington, it's been hard to answer the questions: How was Washington? How was the inauguration? What was it like?

Well, I'd ask, how much time do you have? I still can't pinpoint the highlight because there were so many of them! Following reporters around at the inauguration and the Supreme Court, spending the day at Capitol Hill sitting in on press conferences and listening to Vice President Biden's farewell speech to the Senate, witnessing Obama mania, talking about journalism almost nonstop with Mark Matthews, Craig, Carol and the boys, and meeting so many talented individuals… they all stand out to me. It really felt like a dream for me, to spend so much consecutive time doing and learning about what I love. Most of all, though, I enjoyed hearing from Ann's colleagues stories about her and the tremendous impact she had on The Washington Post newsroom and the overall political climate. I was reading about her on the ride back to Arlington after a late night with the Post and was so engrossed that I missed the metro stop, only to wait another half-hour for the next train.

Being there in Ann's honor was sometimes a bit overwhelming. I've never felt so humble and empowered at the same time. I know one thing for sure, though. Whatever shape journalism takes in the next few decades, I want to be part of it. It's tempting to be discouraged in today's tumult, but the world needs strong journalists now more than ever. If we can't individually match Ann's legacy, we can together as solid, determined reporters. Thank you, everyone, for making this opportunity possible.