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Frank Pellegrino: 2011 Devroy Fellow

Spending my winter break in Washington D.C. as part of the Devroy Fellowship was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and can't even begin to thank everyone enough who helped make it possible.

I was able to grow not only as a journalist, but also as a person, and was pleased to come away with a new sense of optimism about this supposedly 'dying' profession.

It was after my first day that I realized just how much of a role multimedia was going to play in the field moving forward. The Washington Post believed in it so much that they rearranged their newsroom to have the people who ran the mobile site and different forms of social media literally at the center of it.

It was then I knew that journalism wasn't going anywhere - it was changing for good, and for the better. Getting to sit in and watch some of the most talented journalists at such a revolutionary time was an invaluable experience that I'll never forget. I am so thankful to Ann Devroy for making such a lasting impression throughout her career and ultimately making this opportunity possible. She is not only one of the greatest journalists to graduate from UW-Eau Claire, but one of the greatest people to have. I am sincerely grateful to my host family, the Gilbert's, for graciously welcoming me into their home and making me feel like a part of their family. Without them, this experience wouldn't have been the same.

I'd also like to thank The Washington Post and all of their reporters who took the time to share their wisdom with me, the UW-Eau Claire foundation for setting up the fellowship, and anyone else who helped make things possible.