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Dana Priest: 2008 Ann Devroy Memorial Forum Presenter

Dana Priest is an investigative reporter for The Washington Post.

In her 21 years at the newspaper, Priest has written extensively on the CIA’s covert counterterrorism operations around the world, the agency’s secret rendition and detention practices and the intelligence lapses involving the Sept. 11 plot and the failure of pre-war intelligence in Iraq. In early 2007, she and a colleague broke the Walter Reed Army Medical Center outpatient care scandal and they continue to write about the lack of proper medical and psychological care for returning soldiers and Marines.

On Thursday, April 24th, 2008, Priest was the featured speaker at the Ann Devroy Memorial Forum.  Her presentation was entitled Secrecy and Media: A View from the Trenches.  She spoke about the Post's coverage of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the CIA's global counterterrorism operations and the White House.