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Video series aims to attract nurse educators to UW System

| Jan Adams

A partnership between University of Wisconsin System nursing programs at UW-Eau Claire, UW-Green Bay, UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, UW Oshkosh and UW-Stevens Point, has created a series of videos focused on the urgent demand for nurse educators within the University of Wisconsin System.

The Wisconsin Center for Nursing has predicted that by 2035, Wisconsin could see a shortage of at least 20,000 nurses. The lack of nurse educators contributes to the nurse shortage in Wisconsin and across the country, and the video project partners hope the series will help attract candidates to the award-winning programs in the UW System.

Four of the six campuses collaborating on the video project were partners in the Nurses for Wisconsin initiative, which received $3.2 million through the UW System 2013-15 Economic Development Incentive Grant program to address the nurse educator shortage and recruit faculty. The grant supported fellowship and education loan forgiveness programs to encourage nurses to pursue doctoral degrees or postdoctoral training and assume nurse educator positions in Wisconsin.

“We celebrate the Nurses for Wisconsin incentive grant opportunity as it has resulted in 33 Wisconsin nurses obtaining their doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) or their Ph.D. in nursing,” said Dr. Linda K. Young, dean of the UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences and principal investigator on the proposal that led to the UW System grant. “These terminally degreed nurses will then in turn teach for three years in a Wisconsin nursing program with hopes they will remain in Wisconsin as nurse educators.”

But the Nurses for Wisconsin successes are only the start to solving the problem of the nursing faculty shortage, not only in the UW System but across the state and nation, Young said.

“Marketing campaigns, like our video series, at the national level that focus on our quality UW System nursing programs and the students and faculty in the colleges and schools of nursing are necessary to compete for the highly sought-after faculty candidates,” Young said. “Hiring more nursing faculty will enable us to graduate more students at the BSN and graduate levels of nursing, which will help address the nursing shortage for the state of Wisconsin.”  

The new video series includes six short videos featuring the nursing programs at each of the UW campuses. Faculty members, clinical staff and students share their personal experiences and highlight unique aspects of their specific programs. The videos also emphasize the growing demand for nurse educators and encourage nurses to consider this option as a career path.

An introductory video, “Nurses for Wisconsin: The Nurse Shortage,” aims to inspire nurses to consider careers as nurse educators and to educate the general public about the shortage of nurse educators. At the conclusion of the introductory video, viewers can link to the other videos in the series.

The final video in the series, “What Impact Could YOU Make?," features two nursing students from a UW System nursing program and a graduate from a doctor of nursing practice program. The students express their gratitude to nursing faculty members who helped shape their careers and made a positive impact in their lives.

To learn more, visit Nurses for Wisconsin at or contact Dr. Linda K. Young, dean of the UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences and principal investigator on the Nurses for Wisconsin grant, at or 715-836-5287.