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RN to BSN Completion program and increase your career options

The BSN Completion Program at UW-Eau Claire provides a flexible option for currently employed nursing professionals. If you are a practicing nurse that has an associate degree or diploma in nursing and want to take the next step in your nursing career the BSN Completion Program is the program for you. With the majority of courses offered online, you can keep working and earn your BSN. Plus, you’ll be prepared for graduate programs.

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Hear what students and graduates of our BSN Completion program have to say about their experiences and why they chose UW-Eau Claire.

RN to BSN Program - Reasons a BSN is Necessary
Skylar Koel, a BSN completion program student at UWEC, discusses the reason why she feels having a BSN degree is becoming standard in the field, and how she plans to further her education even beyond the BSN to a doctorate someday. The UWEC BSN completion program made the first step to her BSN easier and something she feels confident she will accomplish.

RN to BSN Program - Work/Life/Family Balance 
Nicole Roper is a BSN completion program student who shares about the challenges of going back to school for her BSN and how the UWEC program both supported her through the process and also showed her the bigger picture of how a bachelor's degree in nursing could move her career to new places.

RN to BSN Program - Alliance Program Path
Kimmie Neeve was not accepted into the traditional BSN program — she took a different path through the alliance program, which means she took two years of general education credits at UWEC, went to CVTC for her RN, and was welcomed back automatically to the UW-Eau Claire BSN completion program to get her bachelor's. Along the way she experienced the Power of AND at UWEC through singing in the women's concert chorale and enjoying the opportunities at the UWEC campus.

 RN to BSN Program - Career and Personal Benefits
Jen Miller, a graduate of the BSN completion program at UWEC, describes how her outlook changed from not seeing a need to get her BSN to the world of opportunities that opened up to her after completing the program. She also talks about the unique online and on-campus hybrid the program offers. 

UW-Eau Claire RN to BSN Program (BSN Completion)

Get your bachelor of science in nursing! Expand your career options with the UWEC RN to BSN Program (BSN Completion). It's a unique blend of online classes and on-campus time that works with your schedule. In the end you'll have a quality nursing degree from a leader in nursing education that will take your career to new places.