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Nurses on the ground in Ecuador

Clinical instructor, Allison Dryer, PNP, MSN,CCRN and two UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing and Health Sciences senior nursing students traveled to Ecuador with Timmy Global Health, March 10-19, 2017. As part of this once in a lifetime experience, they joined Montana State undergraduate and graduate nursing students in partnership with four family providers, one OB/GYN provider, one dentist, two nurses, two pharmacists, five Ecuadorian medical students, and 8 translators to collectively serve over 550 patients in the Andean highlands.

Timmy Global Health is a non-profit with a  multi-factorial mission to both improve access to healthcare for underserved populations, and to empower students and volunteers to tackle global healthcare challenges. Nursing seniors Samantha Lang and Jaclyn McKoskey worked in a variety of clinic settings, from triage to scribing in physician consult, to working in the clinic pharmacy. Dryer stated, "This is my 5th brigade with Timmy Global Health. It is a wonderful way for students to become culturally enlighted, serve communities in need, and further develop their nursing skiils. I am looking forward to continuing this collaboration between Timmy Global Health and the UW-EC nursing program."

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Photo L-R: Jaclyn McKoskey, Samantha Lang, Allie Dryer