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Students present El Salvador Immersion Clinical

| Jan Adams

Students in NRSG 428, Section 312 traveled to El Salvador this past winter for a clinical immersion experience. They will be presenting their experience and scholarship at the Provost Honors Symposium for Research, Scholarship and Creativity. The student will focus report on their experiences, what education and resources the class brought to the community, and what they learned that will influence their future nursing practice. One of the main activities was going to a soup kitchen where students participated in clinical consults and gave basic medications and functional aids. They learned that many of the homeless people that use the soup kitchen also work at a community garden affiliated with the soup kitchen. At the garden, the volunteers help grow vegetables, take care of chickens, and work on other areas of the farm. What is grown is used to feed the people at the soup kitchen. This gives the homeless people working the farm a sense of worth, as well as teaches them some valuable, transferable skills.