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Modeling interprofessional collaboration through marshmallows

| Jan Adams

What do marshmallow towers and graduate nursing students have in common? Answer: Utilizing active learning strategies to address interprofessional collaboration!

In a recent student presentation within graduate nursing course, NRSG 725 Advanced Theory and Practice of Family Health Nursing, Jennifer Sperl, Becky Jacobson and Liesl Wolf encouraged classmates to understand interprofessional collaboration through an active learning strategy with toothpicks and marshmallows. Teams of student were given bags of various colors and sizes of marshmallows with toothpicks in an attempt to build the tallest marshmallow tower with limited time and resources. This student presentation highlighted the importance of team work and understanding of how each health care profession brings a different perspective in providing optimal patient-centered care. As advanced practice nurses, it will be critical that that they are able to view these various health care roles and responsibilities through different lenses.

The course is taught by Professor Cheryl Lapp, PhD, RN and Associate Professor Norah Airth-Kindree, DNP, RN.