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DE Coordinator, Musician AND Mental Health Advocate

Andrew Hanson, distance education coordinator and technology specialist for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, was instrumental in organizing the first Hope for the Heart concert to raise awareness around mental health issues. The event took place at the Cabin in Davies Center on Wednesday, November 1st from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Mr. Hanson believes that creative expressions such as music, art and poetry can open doors to difficult conversation about depression and anxiety and other mental health issues. He hopes to plan similar campus-wide concerts in the future.

The Eau Claire Nurses Association helped sponsor the event and nursing students and faculty are well aware of the toll that mental diseases and substance abuse takes on individuals, families and communities. In acknowledgement of that fact, nursing students are required to take a one semester course in psychiatric and mental health nursing and mental health themes are woven throughout the curriculum.

For more information, visit The Spectator or watch an interview on Channel 10.