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Health care on wheels

| Jan Adams

Nursing students from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire pack up their equipment and medical supplies in a van to deliver healthcare to immigrant and migrant farm workers in communities near Eau Claire. Their work is part of NRSG 428.311, a nursing leadership course with a clinical practicum component.

For 5 days each semester, the students travel to large dairy farms in Western Wisconsin. They provide screenings, immunizations, and education to mostly Latino farm workers at these large dairy farms. Students integrate knowledge of agricultural health and safety and understanding of rural and Latino culture into their nursing practice, by providing on-site education and basic health screening. The program includes preparation in collaboration with partners, culturally sensitive services to farm workers, and debriefing sessions upon completion of the experience.

The program, instituted by Dr. Susan Peck, a UW-Eau Claire nursing emerita, has been operational for five years. Currently, 17 large dairies participate in Buffalo and Pepin counties and is being led by nursing professor, Dr. Lisa Schiller. A number of nursing students have Spanish minors, but for additional language support, UW-Eau Claire Department of Foreign Languages emerita, Dale Gable, who was also instrumental in developing the project, accompany the students. This semester Alisa Polzin, a Spanish language student, is also participating.


Shown in photo (left to right):

Professor Lisa Schiller, PhD, RN, Kathryn Diedrich, Nicole Derks, Jacqueline Jorgensen, Rachel Svendsen, Aubrey Goettsch, Alisa Polzin, and Dale Gable.